By submitting your project to HackBI, you affirm:

  • The project was created during HackBI (between 10AM January 23 to 5:30PM January 24)
  • The project has not been submitted to any other hackathons or competitions.
  • Only the people listed in the submission worked on the project. You may only submit one project and may not be a member of multiple teams.
  • The project is the team's original work
    • You are allowed to use existing open source code (e.g. npm), use resources such as Stack Overflow, and consult with mentors. If you use a template or open source code, please provide the link as a citation.
    • You cannot use an already existing project as your submission. Your project must add significant new functionality.
  • You can not create any projects that are inappropriate and violate the rules and guidelines found on the Code of Conduct or found on the Discord

HackBI follows the Code of Conduct listed at: